A Mindful Month : June 2019

Ok! Ok! so we back to some kind of rhythm. By rhythm I mean getting out of bed, getting out the house , going to work, seeing people…getting back to self. last ‘month’ was bumpy to say the least but guest what? I actually managed to squash 85% of a list I made 2 months ago and progress is slow but it’s being made.

June is upon us. It’s almost halftime! Imma be very honest and tell you that 2019 has already been long and it’s either 2020 starts today or 2019 re-start.

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mantra– ”What do we say to the gods of death. NOT TODAY!”. Maaaan, it’s so easy to be thrown off of progress or have your day ruined in one fell swoop because the devil is busy. ZfwbpIt’s especially difficult when you are trying to reset and when you live in Zimbabwe . The other day I tweeted …..” These days asking the question ” How are you?” is a trigger” and a lot of people resonated with that . It’s hard to say how you are because there are so many things going wrong or not working to make being ok and positive possible. The devil is busy my distinguished. But where and when we can we need to let him know ‘ NOT TODAY. We not having it.

affirmation – “You Are Loved! ”. It’s become so important to me to remind myself to trust that the people who say and practice love to me do so willingingly and unconditionally….the same way I love them. That means I can talk to them about how I feel, what I think and what I want and know that it will be appreciated and acknowledged.

More good days in June!

goal – Get back to working out regularly. Just the thought makes me tayad. But I bought some new gear so I’m excited to wear them. Now to work out in them!

My everyday luxury this month – a healthy home cooked meal! I really don’t know how I will manage this with the current load shedding but i will at least try to make myself something warm and yummy everyday. Nothing says “ I love you” like food 🙂

Vision – Getting started on a social entrepreneurial project I’ve been dreaming up! Stay tuned…

Your turn! What is your mantra, goal, and focus this month ?Inhib

Peace , Love & Light be with you x

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