A Mindful Month : July 2019

So June was a bit crazy! That seems to be the general theme of this year for me personally. Each month introduces a new monkey to the zoo that is my life and I’m really in the mood for new animals! Some diversity you know? So July for me is really going to be about figuring out who is she in the zoo and how we gonna work for the rest of the year.

Here goes 🙂

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mantra– “YOU GOT THIS” encouragement and empowerment are forming to be key pillars in how I manage or tackle things these days. All I need is to be reminded that I hold the power to help me navigate myself out of the circumstance I’m in. I’ve realised and more importantly truly believe that I am able to fix and heal myself and that the darkness is just part of the process.

aha! Moment – Sometimes I’m The Problem.  I think this realisation has brought me a peace I really needed and has opened my mind and heart to understanding and forgiveness , of myself and others. Here is the thing Distinguished, YOU CAN BE THE PROBLEM. I, regrettably, had to lose a few friends to learn this. Learning this also brought things to the surface that I am currently making decisions on, BUT I am very aware that my words & actions made people in my life make a hard decision on whether they actually wanted ME to be in THEIRS. Something they are SO allowed to do. It’s not the most tasteful beverage to take down…. but it’s the truth. I have had to be humble and accept. Thats the tweet.

Photo : @theinformalportfolio

goal –Imma tell you that I’m so hesitant to write a goal down because being accountable to it is giving me anxiety. I have had a thing thrown at me from left field that always get in the damn way! BUT, I just signed up with a life coach, he is also my uncle and deputy father and I’m both excited and scared. My goal this month is to give this new journey in self-dev a good honest try.

dream – Is to officially launch a product, campaign and event under the LOCHNATON brand. Watch this and many other spaces. Ask me about it please because ” I tend to forget”.

Photo: @theinformalportfolio

Thats my mind for July , what are you keeping at the top of your mind this month?

Peace be with you x

2 thoughts on “A Mindful Month : July 2019

  1. Go, King!! Always admire your openness as you confront challenges we go through and eye for all things “Kingly”!

    ….and, and, after watching “When They See Us” was taken aback as I watched Kylie Bunbury in action and realized it wasn’t you 🙂 – you really could be sisters.Beautiful, Black sisters.


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