The Blog

Hey! Im Loch and thank you for visiting my space 🙂 

This blog is inspired by my pure and raw desire to design life, the pride in showcasing my work & the art and culture that surrounds me ,my journey and fight from darkness and, most importantly, the audacity  to explore, find and be my true authentic self.  I hope you always leave here enlightened,  educated, entertained or encouraged 


Professional Bio

Lorraine-Charlotte Bgoya is cultural producer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is is currently the Community Manager of Moto Republik, the first creative co-creation and co-working space in Zimbabwe.  Lorraine focuses on designing and implementing programs and platforms targeted at proving the viability of creative entrepreneurship and increasing freedom of expression through the arts. Lorraine has over 7 years experience in the media & creative economy  sector and her work at Moto Republik is a strategic effort to prove the sector’s contribution to social and economic development. Her work in promoting creative spaces has given her the opportunity to give presentations and sit on panels in many cities around the world, from Sao Paulo to Beirut.  In addition to her work at Moto Republik, she has produced and presented on one of Zimbabwe’s leading radio broadcasting stations and she founded The Fest Gurus, an authority on African music and arts festivals on the continent that has contributed to CNN and BBC. The Fest Gurus’ premiere special aired on DStv in 2017  .  She has been featured in and on the cover of the countries top selling women’s lifestyle magazines and blogs. Lorraine holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property from Africa University where she researched creative industry and the impact of the music industry to Zimbabwe’s economic and social development.