A Mindful Month : July 2019

A Mindful Month : July 2019

So June was a bit crazy! That seems to be the general theme of this year for me personally. Each month introduces a new monkey to the zoo that is my life and I’m really in the mood for new animals! Some diversity you know? So July for me is really going to be about figuring out who is she in the zoo and how we gonna work for the rest of the year.

Here goes 🙂

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mantra– “YOU GOT THIS” encouragement and empowerment are forming to be key pillars in how I manage or tackle things these days. All I need is to be reminded that I hold the power to help me navigate myself out of the circumstance I’m in. I’ve realised and more importantly truly believe that I am able to fix and heal myself and that the darkness is just part of the process.

aha! Moment – Sometimes I’m The Problem.  I think this realisation has brought me a peace I really needed and has opened my mind and heart to understanding and forgiveness , of myself and others. Here is the thing Distinguished, YOU CAN BE THE PROBLEM. I, regrettably, had to lose a few friends to learn this. Learning this also brought things to the surface that I am currently making decisions on, BUT I am very aware that my words & actions made people in my life make a hard decision on whether they actually wanted ME to be in THEIRS. Something they are SO allowed to do. It’s not the most tasteful beverage to take down…. but it’s the truth. I have had to be humble and accept. Thats the tweet.

Photo : @theinformalportfolio

goal –Imma tell you that I’m so hesitant to write a goal down because being accountable to it is giving me anxiety. I have had a thing thrown at me from left field that always get in the damn way! BUT, I just signed up with a life coach, he is also my uncle and deputy father and I’m both excited and scared. My goal this month is to give this new journey in self-dev a good honest try.

dream – Is to officially launch a product, campaign and event under the LOCHNATON brand. Watch this and many other spaces. Ask me about it please because ” I tend to forget”.

Photo: @theinformalportfolio

Thats my mind for July , what are you keeping at the top of your mind this month?

Peace be with you x

How I lost 10 kgs in less than 6 months !

How I lost 10 kgs in less than 6 months !

If you’re following me on Instagram and watch my stories (which I hope you are!) then you’ve probably seen my workouts.( if not you can find the work under the SWEAT highlight) I often do a time lapse video that I share in fast motion so you all can get a glimpse into my workout routine. I have gotten tons and tons of questions about my workouts that I try to answer as I get, but I figured it would be best to talk all about my workout routine, what I do, the equipment I use, and some FAQs all in one place. That way it’s easy to look back on and share with you all!


This is Paul. Yeah… I know. Makes you believe don’t it?

You all have probably seen this guy Paul in my weekly workout stories . His brand and Instagram name is Paul B (@theneroeff3ct) but don’t let that fool you. Don’t let the image above scare or intimidate you his workouts are for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and professions. Infact looking at how he works and takes care of himself was motivation and inspiration for me. I knew I was dealing with someone who knew what they were talmbout ! Most importantly someone who would help me meet my goals.

Paul first approached me more than a year ago offering to train me and your girl was not serious about the things! But guess what got serious? Life! My already diagnosed depression had elevated to severe and this was in addition to my already alive and well premenstrual dysphoric disorder ( PMDD) . It was literally do better or die in terms of my mental health and I knew that one of the biggest and most important lifestyle changes I needed to make was to take care of my body so it can help me take care of my mind.

I called Paul.

Before , Sept 2018. I was bloated mmmkay!

I started working with Paul shortly after a really open and honest phone call. The basics was, I was depressed and I needed help in getting my body moving and working for me. We didn’t discuss a target weight the focus was on how I would feel. Tracking my feelings instead of pounds is something that changed the game for me. We all been there right? Where you try exercise, eat right and the weight don’t go nowhere! I started with Paul officially at the start of September 2018 I’ve gone to him or done his workouts at home on and off since then. The first 5 months are the times I was the most consistent and pushed myself the most and in turn, seen the biggest results. I’ve lost 10 kgs and have kept it off. Starting this June I am progressing more towards my personal goal of having a strong, thick , long and lean body that is fit and toned, without being bulky. I enjoy the workouts and don’t get bored doing them because there is an endless combination of moves and order in which I can do them. I am 100% sticking to his method and can’t wait to continue to see results!

December 2018


  1. A Yoga Mat
  2. FitBit
  3. Sometimes…a date!
Oh hey Carol!


I’ve rounded up a bunch of FAQs I get about my workouts that I post including a bunch that you all submitted in one of my question boxes on stories. If your question isn’t answered below feel free to leave a comment, DM me, or e-mail me and I’ll answer it + add the question below. They aren’t in any real order, as I just added them in and answered them as I got the questions in!

How long are your workouts?

I generally try to workout for no longer than 45 mins.

How many different workouts do you do?

The individual moves are sort of endless. There are tons of different ways to do them. I combine them into different sets each time so my workouts are always different! This helps me not get bored.

Do you follow a nutrition program along with his workouts?

I ate clean…. a mostly plant based diet with recipes I saw online! If you continue to follow the blog you will see all the recipes I actually played around with.

Do you do any other cardio outside of the workouts you post?

Nope. But I started adding yoga the closer we got to -10kgs.

Have you always been a morning workout person?

Yes! On good days ofcourse

What gives you motivation?

I’m going to work on a full blog post about staying motivated to workout, but really it is the biggest depression and anxiety relief for me. It’s my time for myself to do something for my body, to push myself, and to make improvements.

Have you noticed a difference in your body?

Absolutely! Your girl is developing abdominal muscles 🙂

Do you work out every day?

No. 3-5/weeek depending on how I am feeling

Do you do a Paul workout every day you workout?

I swear by it.

Are your workouts always full body or are some days focused on individual body groups?

Paul’s workouts are full body workouts that work all areas of your body. I don’t do a specific ‘arm’ or ‘leg’ day when I workout.

Is his workout plan and consultation worth the money?

Yes boo!

A Mindful Month : February 2019

A Mindful Month : February 2019

Welcome to my Mindful Month series, it was inspired by one of my fave health and mindfullness blogs . I really wanted to share part of my mindfullness practice every now and then but struggled to balance the raw feeling you get by sharing what is mostly very personal shit and the accountability posting on my blog provides me. Tessa M , the lady that inspired and guided this practice does her post once a week, i aint there yet! So i settled on sharing with you a few things i have set my mind on at the beginning of each month.

Here goes 🙂

January is over. Thank you Lordt. Now we can finally start the year for real for real. Anyone who lives in Zimbabwe or has heard about the month the country has experienced will overstand the relief that comes with looking at the calendar and thinking “ Ok, lets hope that was the end of THAT!”

I have a lot of fun stuff planned for the next 28 days, as well as a few hard things to get past . We are finally getting into the year at work and the regular programs are making their way into the mix. New projects and opportunities are coming up almost daily so….yeah, “booked and busy” 🙂  

So the way this goes is i will share a lesson,mantra,goal or focus each month. This mix of intention, visualization and reflection has helped me keep in touch with myself as opposed to my past life where I would tend to bulldoze through life and never take a time out to check in. That hasnt served me well so this is one of the practices that helps me keep shit tidy!

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mantra– ”Don’t water dead  things” I’m not really sure where i heard this for the first time but it’s graduated into my life commandments! I recently had a series of personal experiences that put me off balance temporarily and in checking in to understand why i realized i was giving energy, focus and time to things that were dead and gone. The leaves were still green (ish), slightly limp, and that spoke to the part of me that thought i could save it. WRONG. The roots were gone. I was wasting water and shine that could have fed something that had a chance to live or a chance for something new to grow

I love  how you can apply it to most things in life. Friends, work, routines, goals, and dreams. Things that have a chance to survive will respond positively to the attention you give them within a reasonable time. If it  doesn’t respond at all, even when it looks kinda alive…Well..it’s dead boo.

affirmation – ”Peace Is Yours ”.  As I was spinning from the experiences hinted at above , noting my distress, a friend of mine  said “ Peace Be With You” and i felt the sentiment in a way i never have before. Or ever. Peace has become one of the things i value the most in life. I work hard to create, maintain & protect it because of how rare it has been. In a moment of distress or discomfort it’s what i pray for. So this month i affirm that peace will never be far away or rare because it is mine.

“don’t water dead things”

goal –Is to drop the last few kilos to reach my initial weight-loss goal. I did a lot of emotional eating in January and not enough exercising. Lucky for me it hasnt derailed any progress ive made in the latst 6 months but it definitely hasnt helped either!

dream –  Is to complete the final phase of moving into a new home. Ive been dreaming of this forever and Im so close but the closer i get the further it feels! But i can see the finish line finally and the dream is alive.

vision- Is the intro to what could possibly be career defining work, which includes travelling to different parts of Africa , something I really want to do . I visualise being fully engaged and absorbing all the positive things these trips will uncover for me professionally. This month is for preparing my mind and body to be present and active when the vision is real life.

Do you have a practice that keeps you focused or brings you peace. Please do share?

Peace be with you x